How To Unlock Special Worlds In Mario World 3D

After you beat the game of World 1-4 to 8-4, Mario gets a letter from Princess Peach that somebody has stolen her voice and she’s trapped in another castle. To get there, you must find a way to unlock the special worlds. After you beat 8-4, go back to world 1 and have a second player join in with a Mario that hasn’t beaten the game yet. Then defeat a Koopa Troopa and a Lakitu in World 1-2. Once you defeat them, run through the pipe where the two were to reach a bonus area. There, you will either fight Boom-Boom or Kamek. If you beat them, Toad will come out and he’ll give you the key that opens up Special 1-1.

To open up Special 8-1, go back to World 1-2 after beating 8-4 again and this time, you’ll see that the bonus area was changed into a portal which will let you into Special 8-1.

To open up Special 8-4, go to World 2 and beat its 4 levels (Worlds 2-1 through 2-4). Then go back to World 1 and find the key hidden in the bush to the right of the 3rd level.

To find where to go to open up Special 8-2, play World 1’s 2nd level and keep going left after hitting a note block several times. Then you’ll see a warp in a wall which leads into a secret area with a portal in it that will lead you to Special 8-2.

Collect all the stars in one level to unlock a new world

For example, get all the stars in World 1-1 to unlock Special 3-1.

Also, if you collect the 8 Red Coins and beat the level with at least one feather, you will get a star which will allow you to open up a new world. The worlds that require this are: Special 4-1 and Special 6-1.

You will also receive a star if you find the secret exit in any of these levels: World 1-2, 1-3, 2-4, 4-4, 7-2 and 8-1. But to unlock a new world from getting this very last star, you have to beat the level again after normally getting all the stars in it.

Hidden Toad Houses are scattered throughout the game, so finding them is no easy task. But once you do find them, they can be very helpful because they randomly give out items or extra lives. There are three kinds of these houses: red, blue and green. The red ones only contain coins while the blue ones have the same items as the red houses, but are hidden in brick blocks. The green ones are rare and they have items too, but also contain several 1-Ups sometimes.

How to unlock world crown

To unlock world crown, beat World 8-4 and go back to the start screen and hit “continue”. Mario will say that he hears something in the bushes behind him. Go there and hit all three switches (one at a time) to make a door appear. Enter the door and you’ll find Peach’s Voice which is guarded by Boom-Boom, so be careful. Once you beat him, Mario will receive the crown and he’ll be able to go through this door anytime to collect anything Peach has left there for him.

There are secret worlds in Mario World 3D! These are called Special Worlds. To get into them, first beat 8-4. Then go back to the title screen. Hit “continue” and you’ll see that you can now enter a new door. Each of these worlds require certain items to get into, but once you do get in, they are almost like complete levels themselves.

Reach the end of each world to unlock a new one

For example, if you beat world 1-4 to 8-4, you’ll unlock special 3-1 which will give you access to World Crown. And if you collect all the items in Special 3-1, they’ll lead to a door that leads to Special 4-2. So it’s important to try and find everything every time you enter a new special world.


If you follow these steps, you’ll definitely get a lot more out of Mario World 3D! If there’s anything else to add to this guide, let us know. But for now I hope everyone enjoys the special worlds that are in Mario World 3D 🙂

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